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In Global Alliance with ANA/Association of National Advertisers
1000 Marketers around the World Reshaping the Future of Marketing


Membership by Invitation Only


THE INTERNATIONALIST 1000 initiative--1000 Marketers around the World Reshaping the Future of Marketing, in partnership with ANA/Association of National Advertisers, will officially kick off this fall with programs in New York, at the ANA Masters of Marketing in Phoenix, and other cities. ANA’s partnership with THE INTERNATIONALIST 1000 also enables marketers to participate worldwide in elite events, dinners, think tanks, awards and online connections. 

THE INTERNATIONALIST 1000 is a group of dedicated industry leaders who are reshaping our understanding of marketing’s expanding role throughout the world.  The marketing industry is undergoing dramatic transformation brought about by technology, globalization, and an economic re-set. “The reinvention of marketing” is becoming a more critical issue as the industry looks to deliver purpose and meaning to  brand values in a business world increasingly defined by social media, mobility, analytics, "big data" and the need for global growth.  THE INTERNATIONALIST 1000 can help shape this agenda.

Membership by Invitation Only:

Currently there is no peer-to-peer group of marketers with multinational responsibility who are linked throughout the world and have the opportunity to meet in various regions during a single year to exchange ideas and learn from each other about shared challenges.

There is no cost involved. Events will be scheduled in hub business cities, and at three annual ANA conferences throughout the US.  A 12-month planning calendar will be provided.


THE INTERNATIONALIST 1000 will have an opportunity several times a year to meet in key cities of the world-- (New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Singapore… as one example of an annual schedule)--through think tanks and TED-like seminars, as well as dinners to network and share experiences.  These will be planned as intimate, high-energy events that take no more than a day and may be timed around other gatherings in hub travel cities.  (A seminar in any one place may have 100-150, while a dinner may have 50-75.)

Their thoughts, programs and goals for the industry will be chronicled in The Internationalist--through e-newsletters, websites, the print edition and other mobile and tablet versions and shared with ANA members.

One of the aims of these meetings is to cultivate cross-regional—all in an effort to recognize new leaders and inspire others to take risks in the reinvention of today's business complexities.

1000 people throughout the world is not an insignificant number; however, it is also an exclusive and aspirational group in today’s always-on, socially-connected world.

At some point in the future, the group will also decide on a “give back” to the industry—perhaps in the form of a scholarship, internship or mentoring program to help shape future leaders.

Collaboration with ANA:

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) is the advertising industry’s largest marketer association and the oldest, founded on June 24, 1910 in Detroit, Michigan by 45 companies to safeguard and advance the interests of advertisers and consumers. Currently, the ANA leads the marketing community by providing its members insights, collaboration, and advocacy. ANA’s membershi includes 600 companies with 10,000 brands that collectively spend over $250 billion in marketing communications and advertising.

Although the ANA has been largely U.S. in focus, a majority of its members are now multinational in scope or derive significant turnover from outside the U.S.  Collaboration with The Internationalist provides internationally-driven content, contacts, and resources for ANA members, while also offering 30,000 US marketers an opportunity to learn more about global issues.



Over a 12-month period, there will be a minimum of 10 events throughout the world. We hope you can attend at least one in person. This includes: invitation-only seminars,  peer-to-peer dinners tied to at ANA conferences in the US, plus a series of think tanks and dinners in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Dates and places may change based upon the availability and requests of THE INTERNATIONALIST 1000. Updates on themes, speakers and guests will be provided regularly by The Internationalist as each event approaches.

2015 (January-June):

  • The Internationalists of the Year Peer-to-Peer Breakfast Think Tank- 2015: What’s on the Minds of
    —January 15, 2015, New York- The Sony Club
  • ANA Brand Masters Conference—February 4-6, 2015 Dana Point, California- Ritz Laguna Niguel.
    (INTERNATIONALIST 1000 Peer-to-Peer Marketer Dinner during Free conference evening. By invitation.)
  • ANA Media Leadership Conference— March 4-6, 2015 Hollywood, FL- USA (Westin Diplomat)
  • The Media Innovation Awards- Winners Dinner-- March 26, 2015, New York- Three Times Square
  • The Internationalists of the Year Peer-to-Peer Dinner-- April 9, 2015, New York- The Sony Club
  • BAA/Brand Activation Association Annual Conference (Div. ANA)— April 13-15, 2015 Chicago
  • INTERNATIONATIONALIST 1000 Peer-to-Peer Dinner- Chicago, April 20, 2015 (Venue to be confirmed)
    (Dinner to correspond with the annual meeting of the ANA’s Integrated Marketing Committee in Chicago)
  • ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference—April 26-29, 2015 Phoenix- Arizona Biltmore
    (INTERNATIONALIST 1000 Peer-to-Peer Marketer Dinner- during Free conference evening. By invitation.)
  • INTERNATIONALIST 1000 Innovation Program & Case Study Winners- Marketing Makes a World of
    . May 6, 2015 New York- Three Times Square
  • ANA Shopper Marketing Conference— June 10-12, 2015 Hollywood, FL- USA (Westin Diplomat)
  • INTERNATIONATIONALIST 1000 European Dinner- London (Date/Venue to be confirmed)

2015 (July-December):

  • ANA Digital & Social Media Conference—July 15-17; Terranea, California
    (INTERNATIONALIST 1000 Peer-to-Peer Marketer Dinner- - during Free evening- July 16. By invitation.)
  • ANA Masters of Measurement Conference—September 16-18; Eden Roc-Miami Beach, Florida
    Latin American 100 Dinner to correspond with ANA Conference during Free Evening- (Sept 17)
  • ANA Masters of Marketing Annual Conference, October 14-17; Orlando World Center Marriott
    (INTERNATIONALIST 1000 seminar on October 16 with Reinvention of Marketing Vol2 Book Launch.)
  • Innovators Luncheon & Innovative Digital Solutions Awards Dinner (Fall 2015- date/venue to confirm)
  • ANA Multicultural & Diversity Conference—November 8-10; Miami Beach, Florida
  • NEW! THE INTERNATIONALIST 1000- Setting the Global Marketing Agenda in 24 Hours- Nov 2015
  • ANA Mobile First, Mobile Everywhere Conference—December 2-4; Amelia Island, Florida
  • THE CHINA 50 Dinner, Shanghai & THE ASIA 50 Dinner, Singapore (Week to be confirmed)

Calendar Does Not Yet Include Think Tanks…..






The Internationalist connects the people and ideas in international advertising, marketing and media through content, intelligence, thought leadership, community, collaboration and influence. Marketer driven, it has become a trusted source for international best practices, and is dedicated to the business needs and challenges of international marketing professionals as they participate in multinational brand building and aspire to world class standards. Originally created as a trade publication, The Internationalist connects a global audience through content and case studies in print, online and in-person—via peer-to-peer marketer events including Dinners, Think Tanks, Awards and Summits— all to better serve the needs of this community.